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Benefits of Teaching Kids

Credit: August de Richelieu via Pexels

There’s much talk about preparing kids for life in a digital world, but what exactly is the first step? Most parents understand that kids need computer skills. However, many lack these skills themselves and aren’t sure where to begin.

Please keep reading to learn four great reasons why kids should start their computer journey by learning to code in Python.

Young Kids Can Do It

Parents enrolling their kids in computer classes want to know that their children will enjoy the sessions and walk away from them with some useful knowledge. Kids as young as seven can learn Python online and create a Pac-Man-style video game.

Try to avoid the schools that begin a child’s coding journey with a drag-and-drop program like Scratch, which may convey a sense of what coding is like but is never used in the field by actual coders.

Real Math Concepts and More at the Core

Kids may not get visibly excited at the idea of learning math concepts, but their reaction really changes when math is embedded in lessons about how to code video games. Kids who learn Python also learn about vital math concepts, like integers, vectors, and even trigonometry!

Kids who learn to code also absorb healthy mental habits, like how to problem-solve like an engineer. They test and re-test ideas and concepts until they finally get the correct answers. Such an approach helps reinforce that “mistakes” are an inevitable part of learning and succeeding, not something to beat yourself up over.

Between learning fundamental math concepts, absorbing an engineer’s mental habits, and enjoying a critical boost to self-esteem, coding teaches kids more than just math.

Python Powers the Real World

Python may be a relatively simple language for kids to learn, but it is also used in the real world to power very popular apps and platforms. When millions of people stream something on Netflix, they’re relying on Python.

Python has a very high level of functionality as a general-purpose language, making it indispensable to sectors like web development, data science, data analysis, machine learning, and more. It may seem counterintuitive, but just because kids can learn the concepts doesn’t mean they don’t have vital real-world applications in the adult world.

Python is Fun!

Parents want to prepare their kids for life in a digital world, but not at the expense of sacrificing the joys of childhood. Kids need to have fun, and every extracurricular activity for children needs to be fun.

The best Python classes teach the coding language by showing kids how to create their own video game, one they can play afterwards with friends and family. The process of learning to code the game will feel to them like a video game itself.

Parents looking to pull back the curtain to give kids a peek at how digital devices actually work by showing them how to code are right to begin with Python. Look for a school with Python classes that align with the above points, and their coding journey should be fun and productive.