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Code Generators for Python: Help Programmers Get Started Quickly


Writing programs in Python is undoubtedly more straightforward than writing them in lower-level languages. Regardless, you need programming know-how to solve complex problems with Python – unless you use a code generator.

Python code generators allow you to build Python apps without any coding knowledge. Powered by AI, these tools can also give Python developers a massive productivity boost. Here are ten code generators for Python that can supercharge your programming:

10 Best Code Generators for Python

#1 GitHub Copilot

Perhaps the best-known code generation tool available, GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that can write entire functions according to your instructions. 

GitHub created this AI using its extensive database of billions of programs written in nearly every programming language. Some of the languages it supports include JavaScript, Python, Go, and Ruby. 

You can plug this tool directly into your code editor as an add-on. Copilot add-ons are available for Visual Studio Code, Neovim, and JetBrains. If you use GitHub Codespaces, you can use Copilot there too. But bear in mind that this tool isn't free to use, though you can get a free trial for a limited period. 

#2 Tabnine

Tabnine is an AI code generator promising development teams a 15% productivity boost. You can integrate this tool into any well-known IDE and use it for free. But the free version will only complete short pieces of code. You must purchase the Pro plan for full-line and function code completion.

The tool has a focus on privacy, assuring organizations that their code remains secure and unexposed to the public. With over a million active developers and companies like LG and Samsung actively using this tool, Tabnine is certainly a code generator that large organizations can trust.

#3 IntelliCode

If you're looking for a free code generator that will complete your code for you as you type it, IntelliCode is a great choice. Created by Microsoft and available for Visual Studio Code for free, this tool delivers impressive code recommendations in TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, and Python.

One of the best things about IntelliCode is that it actively learns your programming style, making it more helpful the more you use it. It's also worth mentioning that IntelliCode also supports XAML and C# in Visual Studio. This tool is best suited for developers that write a lot of boilerplate code and want to do it faster and for free.

#4 OpenAI Codex

OpenAI Codex is one of the most popular general-purpose AI tools. Interestingly, this tool serves as the foundation for GitHub Copilot and many other AI-based code generators. 

The tool includes a playground that allows you to alter the AI's settings to improve the processing of your prompts and also solve input issues. OpenAI Codex can output Python, PHP, and C+ code, among others. 

It's important to note that, unlike most tools on this list, you cannot integrate OpenAI Codex into IDEs or other applications. This tool is designed for users to modify the AI's settings to optimize it for their specific use case. It can then be incorporated into an application that the user builds.

Codex is currently in the private beta stage of development. To access it, you will need to register yourself on its waitlist. When your application is accepted, you can pay a fee to use it. 

#5 Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon's AI code generator does everything GitHub Copilot can and more. Besides offering the ability to translate comments into functioning code, the CodeWhisperer flags code suggestions that resemble open-source code. You can then navigate to the specific open-source repository, review the code, and attribute it to the owner. 

What's more, CodeWhisperer can scan your code for vulnerabilities and offer suggestions to fix them before they make it into the application. Impressively, the tool's security suggestions are aligned to OWASP's best practices. 

This AI code generator supports 15 programming languages and can be integrated into nearly every IDE available as an add-on. CodeWhisperer analyses all the public libraries and cloud services it has access to before displaying an assortment of possible solutions, with the most optimal solution available at the top of the list. 

CodeWhisperer is free for individual use and offers unlimited code suggestions, making it one of the best AI code generation tools for beginner developers.

#6 AIXcoder

AIXcoder is a freemium code generator based on deep learning technology. This generator has one of the tiniest models of all the tools on this list, resulting in minimal local CPU overhead. 

The tool can learn your local code base and tailor code suggestions to your needs. However, in the free version, there is a limit on the number of times you can use this feature. 

AIXcoder is available as a plugin for VSCode and JetBrains. But since its model is small, it will only provide single-line suggestions. In other words, it cannot write entire code blocks for you.

#7 Ponicode

Ponicode is built by a French startup and offers the ability to generate unit tests for your code. You cannot use this generator to write regular programs. But Ponicode can generate tests covering up to 80% of your code. It can also create documentation and docstrings for your programs based on the context.

Its SQUAR feature gives you a report of your code's quality based on several metrics. Additionally, SQUAR offers a list of actions to remove any flaws in your testing strategy. 

This free-to-use code generator is available as a plugin on VS Code as an extension. 

#8 Wing Pro

Unlike the other code generators on this list, Wing Pro is not an extension you can install. It is an IDE built specifically for Python. Besides the code completion feature, it boasts several debugging, code refactoring, and testing features that can give a Python developer a massive productivity boost.

Wing Pro supports several versions of Python and also features version control integration. You can use it on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Bear in mind that there are separate pricing options for individual developers and teams. But you can try the tool for free.

In addition to allowing you to use the Tab button to complete programs with its contextual suggestions quickly, its error-checking tool helps minimize the number of runs before the program executes without any hitches.

#9 Jedi

Like Wing Pro, Jedi is also a Python-specific code generation tool. It uses static analysis before offering code suggestions based on the context. It also offers a goto functionality and features such as code refactoring and code search. The best part is that Jedi is completely free to use. 

Jedi can also find references for the code it is suggesting, allowing you to review and cite references as necessary. In addition to being available as a plugin for IDEs, Jedi can also autocomplete code in REPL. You can use the Jedi tool on macOS, Windows, and Linux.


Using a Python code generator is one of the best ways to speed up development and simplify the coding process. Now that you're familiar with some of the best free and paid code generators for Python, you can expect to finish several Python projects in record time.